Halifax Greek Festival

This past weekend, my friend and I decided to check out the Halifax Greek Festival in Purcell’s Cove. Although I hadn’t heard of the event prior to seeing a Facebook post, it was certainly something I needed to check off my bucket list.

IMG_2663We began the day a bit late and arrived in the city around 2 p.m. Although the roads were jam-packed with cars, we were able to find a spot to park. As we entered, we were immediately greeted by a woman passing out brochures. We then proceeded to a tented area and paid the $5 entry fee. Following the stream of people, I noticed many activities for kids like face painting and a “Kid’s Olympics” area. There were also several tents displaying Greek culture, food, and historical artifacts. We then waited in a line for about 10 to 15 minutes to buy food vouchers, waited again in the “kitchen” area for my plate, then waited once more in the grill line for my friend’s food. While we waited, we were treated to the Keravnos live band and, later, a traditional Greek performance by the senior dancers.

IMG_2662Although the food was a bit expensive and the lines were long, it was well worth the time and money. I ordered the vegetarian dish ($12) which included a Greek salad, roasted potatoes (so delicious!), stuffed green pepper with rice and herbs, dolmathes (feta stuffed in grape leaves), spanakopita, tiropita and a slice of bread to top it off. I was pleasantly surprised and completely full. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from admiring a dessert tray which presented several Greek delicacies. For $3 each (again, a bit steep in price) I bought two desserts, baklava and diples. Although both treats were delicious, the baklava stole my heart – and filled my stomach.


After our late lunch, we decided to explore a bit more of Purcell’s Cove and saw a number of ships docked in the bay.

IMG_2664IMG_2671IMG_2673 (1)IMG_2679IMG_2674IMG_2675

We then returned at 4 p.m. for a tour of the Greek church. Throughout my travels, I’ve seen a fair share of churches, but this one was definitely in my top ten. Despite having a nondescript exterior, the inside was beautifully painted.


Overall, I would definitely recommend the event for anyone who enjoys Greek food, Greek culture, or who wants a great family day to get out and support your local community.


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